Marble Surface

Furniture Projects

Bohemian Cane Coffee Table 

This was the perfect piece to pair with the cane side tables. So I followed the same design idea of black and cream and kept the original features of the gold detailing and glass top.


TV Unit Commission Piece

The client gave me free reign on this piece, I was given the colour scheme of the room and was asked for something with a unique touch and this was the final outcome...


Moroccan Style Tile Top Table 

After previously wokring on a tile top table I was desperate to work on another on. So that is what I done, I wanted to make it a different and striking piece to go in a home...


Country Style Home Console Table

I had been wanting to use more colour in my furniture and thought this was the perfect piece to do so. The sage tones were a perfect match for the woven wood drawers and leather handles.


Console Table 

A deep blue paint and a fresh wood stain paired with these lovely marble handles was the perfect touch this console table needed.


Lloyd Loom Ottoman

Lloyd Loom furniture is normally known for its use of vintage style fabrics, so I wanted to do something different for this project and modernise the piece and add a pop of colour.


Elegant Bedside Tables

A simple yet elegant touch to these bedside tables, with ivory tones, gold details and marble handles these bedside tables were a touch of subtle luxury to a room.


Here is a collection of my furniture projects from upcycled furniture to my own creations. 

Email to enquire about any furniture commission pieces. 

Olive Side Table 

A classic look with a twist...

This table had a lot of challenges, with hours of sanding, broken wood and intricate painting but the final look makes the perfect elegant look to a room.


Woven Bar Stools

These stools were a lot more of a challenge than I expected. After my original plan to restore them to their original glory didn't go to plan, and 2 more different design ideas, the final outcome was a chic luxurious finish.


Retro Style Cabinet

I was really able to show off my style with this piece! Using a gorgeous deep red colour and abstract line art design inside, I created the perfect piece to bring character into any room.


Bohemian Cane Side Tables

Although these side tables were already beautiful in their original form, there was a lot of problems when you looked closer. I also wanted to add a more modern tone so I decided to go black and cream and keep the antique gold detailing.


Marble Tile Top Coffee Table 

absolutely loved the final look of this table. The black paint and marble mosaic tiles created the perfect sophisticated look.


Célia Console Table 

I wanted to keep the vintage style in this piece, so I used gold foil in the edging to add the perfect antique touch.